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Information & Computer Science (ICS)

The mission of the CS program is to provide high quality education in computer science that prepares students for professional careers and lifelong learning in developing/managing computational processes and systems, with emphasis on net-centric computing, information management, and intelligent systems.

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# Course No. Course Title Term Instructor
01 ICS 102

Introduction to Programming

T072 Dr. Salahadin Mohammed
02 ICS 201 Introduction to Computer Science T072 Dr. Lahouri Ghouti
03 ICS 202 Data Structures T072 Mr. Said Abdallah
04 ICS 233 Computer Arch.& Assembly Language T072 Dr. Aiman El-Maleh
05 ICS 324 Database Systems T072 Dr. Jaohar Ali
06 ICS 381 Principles of Artificial Intelligence T052 Dr. Tarek El-Basuny
07 ICS 424 Advanced Databases T062 Dr. Salahadin M. Adam
08 ICS 426 Data warehousing and Data Mining T062 Dr. Salahadin M. Adam
09 ICS 484

Computer Arabization

T072 Mr. Husni Al-Muhtaseb
10 SWE 205 Introduction to Software Engineering T081 Dr. Sajjad Mahmood
11 SWE 311 Principles of Software Engineering T071 Dr. Sabri A. Mahmoud
12 SWE 316 Software Design and Architecture T072 Dr. Mahmoud Elish
13 SWE 423 Multimedia Systems T071 Dr. Wasfi Al-Khatib

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