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Electrical Engineering (EE)

The goal of the department is to maintain excellence in teaching, research and public services. Teaching in undergraduate and graduate programs involves training the students to function effectively in a wide range of engineering organizations. The department has very vibrant research groups. Besides personal research, faculty members are involved in collaborative and sponsored research with various organizations and industries.

Some of the major organizations through which faculty members participate in collaborative research are KACST (King Abdul-Aziz City for Science & Technology), KFUPM RI (Research Institute), and ECRA (Electricity and Co-generation Regularity Authority); industries and utilities include SEC (Saudi Electric Company), SABIC (Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Company), and Saudi Aramco. Besides teaching and research activities, the department is also active in providing services to the community in the form of offering short courses, arranging seminars, symposia and technical conferences.

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# Course No. Course Title Term Instructor (s)
01 EE 200 Digital Logic Circuit Design T072 Dr. Mahmoud M. Dawoud
02 EE 201 Electric Circuits T072 Dr. Husain A. Jamid
03 EE 203 Electronics I T072 Dr. Alaa El-Din Hussein
04 EE 204 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits T052 Dr. Wajih A. Abu-Al-Saud
Dr. AbdelMalik Zidouri
Mr. Noman A. Tassaduq
05 EE 205 Electric Circuits II T041 Dr. M. Mosaddequr Rahman
Dr. Chokri B. Ahmed
Dr. AbdelMalik Zidouri
Dr. Abu Hamed Abdur-Rahim
06 EE 303 Electronics II T061 Dr. Saad M. Al-Shahrani
Dr. Mahmoud Kassas
Dr. Alaa El-din Hussein
Dr. Hussain A. AlZaher
07 EE 340 Electromagnetics T061 Dr. Essam Hassan
Dr. Hassan Ragheb
Dr. Hussain Jamid
08 EE 360 Electric Energy Engineering T071 Dr. Chokri B. Ahmed
Dr. Ibrahim M. ElAmin
Dr. Mohammed H. Shwehdi
Dr. Zakaria Al-Hamouz
09 EE 370 Communication Engineering I T072 Dr. Wajih Abu-Saud
Dr. Tarek Al-Naffouri
Dr. M. Adnan Al-Andalusi
10 EE 390 Digital Systems Engineering T072 Dr. Mohamed Mohandes
Dr. Sheikh S. Iqbal

Electrical Engineering


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